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Monday, April 4, 2011

May 2011 Blog Train--All Things Bright and Beautiful

**Despite having had gamut checked on our color swatch, the reddish color was still out of gamut! Ugh! So, below you will find an updated color swatch. Sorry for the inconvenience!**

Wow, getting a blog train rolling out of the station sure is a lot of work. Please be patient as I get the hang of all of this and we'll hope for a smoother ride in the next couple of weeks!

If you are wanting to participate in the May 2011 Blog Train--All Things Bright and Beautiful, please email us at ldsblogtrainblog@gmail.com. So far we have about 10 designers signed up and we want MORE!! We'd love to have you! Take a look at the color swatch:
 Thanks Robyn for designing this cute little tag!

Definitely bright and beautiful! Now, hop on board and send me your email! Can't wait to hear from you!

Kathy Ladle


Virginia Ruth said...

I would love to design for May's blog train - but when I tried to send you an email about it, gmail told me that the email you listed in this post no longer existed?

My email is: vsomdesigns@gmail.com

I will try periodically to resend my information, but maybe if you emailed me first, gmail would be less contrary? /sigh


ldsblogtrainblog said...

Thanks Virginia! I emailed you and hopefully you got it!

reikkmmom said...

My daughter and I would like to contribute to the blog train for May.


ldsblogtrainblog said...


We would love for you to participate, but I don't have an email to contact you at. If you can email us at ldsblogtrain@gmail.com we can get you information on this.


Karen said...

Is it too late to join for May?


Meta Wulandari said...

I have already contact you via email but there is no response, can I join the train?? I have finish my part and the preview is attached in my email :)

ldsblogtrainblog said...

Meta--I am so sorry you haven't been contacted back. I just figured out that the email listed is incorrect. It's ldsblogtrainblog@gmail.com If you could email me your blog name and blog address, we can get you hooked up. Again, I am so sorry!


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